Sunday, December 29, 2013

Published again! Happy news sent my way!

Sweet Lizzie, over at Lollipop Creation (you can find her blog on the side tab of mine), sent me a FB message last night to let me know she saw me in the latest issue of Soft Dolls & Animals. Oh what a smile I needed since I am down sick in bed. Oh no no no, nothing serious, I just  caught a fairly nasty virus. I will kick it soon, oh yes I will.

Anyhow, you can imagine how tickled I was! Lizzie was features as well, along with another dolly friend of ours Colette. YAY!!!! We are some happy ladies!!!! 

I have revamped my old published photos so will share them in this post as well. I can tell you, my heart jumps leaps and bounds each and every time I get the honor of being published. I am truly humbled and so very grateful! 
Thank you Soft Dolls & Animals from Scott Publications! You can view their magazines here:

Oh my I do believe it's time for me to lay down again. I shall be back as soon as I am better. Really! I will! It's a promise!!!!

As always, thank you with all my heart for sharing in my smiles! 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Happy Happy......

I just love it when I score at the antique shops and thrift stores! Don't you?

Just look at these darling vintage outfits! Can't you just see the most adorable babies wearing them?

Oh the goodness just doesn't stop! My wheels are turning! 

I just had to share my special finds with you! I cannot wait until after the holidays when I can start putting sweet faces into these adorable outfits!

Have you found any treasures lately???

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hmmm now what could this be about???...................

Want to take a guess? Oh come on, sure you do! 

Okay, okay, I will give you a COUPLE hints....but that is it.

1. A new line, well sort of, it's actually replacing my So I'm Different line.

2. As always, cuteness is a key factor with my creating, so, don't think gore. Oh no no no, no gore for me. Well...maybe just a teeny tad, but always done in the cutest fashion of course. After all, I am the epitome of  Shirley Temple with a hard core twist, yep, that's me! 

3. twisted my arm. Here is a little snap shot. Not much. Just a tad hint......

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about this new line. 

Hmm what was that? Oh yes you are seeing correctly. There are only three toes. Why?  Well because I said so LOL. Isn't that how it all works in my wonderland of tipping teacups?

This dear one above will be making his/hers (not telling) debut VERY soon after the first of the year. I cannot wait to finish and share!!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

What a wonderful feeling.... be able to connect again with an old friend! 

You know what I am talking about? I bet you do!

The kind of friend that no matter how much time goes by you feel like you just talked to them yesterday? 

Ahhh I can see the look in your eyes, you know JUST what I am talking about!

Well, let me tell you about my friend! 

Her name is Madame Samm! It is! Isn't that just a spectacular name? I love it. She ventured into my life years ago, I cannot recall the exact year, but I have to say I was so happy she did! 

Why am I telling you about Madame Samm? Tsk, patience my friends and you will see! 

Now, she started out with creating the cutest rag dollies! I wish I still had a picture to show you but I am afraid I lost them on my old computer. Don't fret though, I have a link to share! 

Okay so it's no longer a dolly link as Samm ventured into her true love and is now one of the leading ladies of the quilting world. When I say leading ladies I mean it! She is HUGE now, and her following is HUGE! If you knew Samm you would not be surprised one bit. This is what she does best! 

So alas here is her link if  you would like to check my amazing friend out! I do this, not to promote her, as she has more of a following then I will ever have in a complete lifetime, simply to just share an amazing lady with crazy talent and kindness. Her blog rocks pretty hard as well LOL.

Oh and I almost forgot! She wrote a book as well! Oh what can Samm NOT do? Nothing, there is nothing she cannot do! If you are interested in a healthy eating lifestyle this is a MUST read! 
If you would like to purchase a copy you can write to Samm at

As always, thank you for sharing in my smiles!!!

Memories of Christmas past...

Now would you just look at that? The very same manger that I grew up with, Christmas after Christmas, happily sits in my living room. I'm actually not sure exactly how old it is as I believe it was even around before my time. That would explain the crayon marks inside. It must have been done by my brothers. I was way too much of a good girl to do such a naughty thing! 
It may not seem very fancy I know, but to me, it is worth it's weight in gold, oh it so is!

Can you remember these treasures above? I believe they still make them but the new ones are much more flashy and up to date I suppose. I'll stick with the old ones just fine, thank you! 
Can you see the name on the star? Well yes! It's reads Jack! My Daddy will forever and always be with us in spirit, that I know!
 I cannot recall when these were purchased, but I cannot remember a Christmas, as a child, without them. As always, my MeeMee's ( my nick name for my Mom) hangs right next to his. It reads Fran but the flash blurred it out. Oh I cherish these two ornaments so very much!

Oh happy smiles! I now I get to introduce you to Barrr! No, no, no, NOT bear! Barrr was not a typo, really, it wasn't! Barrr has been a very happy part of our family for years now. He used to sit and greet visitors on my parents front porch but now he is cozy inside next to our tree. Yes we love this Barrr of ours! 

What special decorations do you cherish???

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

As The Day Goes By In The Studio....OH MY!!!

Oh my my my! If you have ever had a fabric that just looks perfect for what you want to use it for, and it's just so very pretty BUT BUT BUT...... 
Well then you know exactly what I mean LOL

A beautiful soul found this fabric for me and I screamed "OH PERFECT!"'
Umm yes, that's how it went UNTIL I started sewing with it. Let the eye crossing begin!

OMGosh I didn't think I was ever going to get it to work but I was determined to not give up as it was so perfect for the creation I am making. 

In the end I got what I wanted sewn up but lets just say, this merbaby tail will always be a one of a kind LOL

I am so glad I got at least one tail made and I cannot wait to finish the whole soft sculpture. I think she is going to be beautiful! 

Here is a peek of the tale....
Isn' it just the cutest tail??? I know it doesn't look like it was difficult but let me tell you......LOL

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!!!

It's a Love Thing!!!

Really it is! A  true love from the bottom, top, and all sides of my heart even! What can I say? I love what I do! I bet you got the idea already huh?

Okay, okay, so onto my "tinkerings" for the day. What are tinkerings? Well, when I was young and playing with my dollies, or doing something crafty, my mom called it tinkering. So I am happy to say the tradition lives on! 

Oh yes, okay, back to point! Today will be spent all day sewing, stuffing, sculpting, and smiling! What a day! Can we say pure smiles?

I plan on working on two of my merbaby soft sculptures from my Sea Witch Babies line. Along with that a Baby Giant, as well as a Mistickle. No pictures for now but they are coming. 

I can share a couple pictures of a tail I have sewn up out of the most gorgeous fabric! 

What do you think Isn't it just the yummiest??? I cannot wait to get her finished!!!

As always thank you for sharing in my smiles!!!