Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Work in Progess....

Can you guess what I will be??? 

Please do not judge me too hard, mommy still has a lot to yet do. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Fun With Graphics!

While I am by no means a graphic designer in the true sense of the word, tinkering with graphics is a favorite pastime of mine.
Not only is it fun for me, it works as a huge stress relief!
It also helps to get my "mojo" flowing again if I am finding myself not so anxious to create or stuck with something.
Sometimes it's just something simple like the above picture....
Or it I might feel a little more creative and go for a whole scene like above.
Regardless of how fancy or simple I go it is always so fun!
If anyone is interested in trying a little graphic fun check out PhotoImpact Pro. I adore this program!!! I have used some of the very expensive programs on a trial run and I tell you, PhotoImpact Pro does everything I need it to do for a fraction of  the cost!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pulling My Hair Out...

Over what you ask? Why the Post Office of course! OMGosh let me tell you about it!
After I receive payment for a creation I then transfer the amount from Paypal into my Tipsy bank account. This takes 3-4 days, most times. Once that is finished I then, God willing, make it to the Post Office. A pretty normal routine I must say. Although I am admittedly Post Office jinxed. Really I am! You can ask some of my past customers LOL.
So, on with the story, I am shipping a Baby Giant. Those of you that have lovingly brought one into your family know they are a tad larger then most of my other creations so I often times combine two Priority boxes together in order to get the BG to fit comfortably inside. No biggie right?
This time it was a big deal. They now inform me that there is a surcharge for the size. I reiterate, I have done this many times before in the past, so I know about a small surcharge. Small I said? Ooops well let me change that statement. It is NOW almost $50.00 to ship a BG to California!!!! What???? YES! That is what I said, fifty US smackers. I will go out of business at this rate!
Needless to say the BG came back home with me. I now will go buy a standard box at Staples, or some place of the sort, repack my lil man, and then send him out tomorrow standard mail. This frustrates me to no end!
 I so truly sincerely apologize to my customers. I will be using standard shipping on any of my larger creations from now on out unless a customer is okay with paying $50.00 shipping INSIDE the US.
*Oober sad, annoyed, and grumpy face*