Monday, November 11, 2013

Fun With Graphics!

While I am by no means a graphic designer in the true sense of the word, tinkering with graphics is a favorite pastime of mine.
Not only is it fun for me, it works as a huge stress relief!
It also helps to get my "mojo" flowing again if I am finding myself not so anxious to create or stuck with something.
Sometimes it's just something simple like the above picture....
Or it I might feel a little more creative and go for a whole scene like above.
Regardless of how fancy or simple I go it is always so fun!
If anyone is interested in trying a little graphic fun check out PhotoImpact Pro. I adore this program!!! I have used some of the very expensive programs on a trial run and I tell you, PhotoImpact Pro does everything I need it to do for a fraction of  the cost!


  1. Your "tinkering" is awesome!!! I just love the creative eye you have when creating these scenes!!!! Keep it up!!!!

    1. Thank you!!! I am loving seeing yours as well!!!!! xoxoxxx


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