Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I am so looking forward to 2013, I am, I am! How about you?

While I am  still unpacking my studio and everything is still a mess , I do indeed completely feel my creative juices overflowing! Are you excited? I am!

I am currently working on a toddler size Uht Oh!, and a baby size Uht Oh!. I have plans to start two Gargoyles in my Mistickle line soon, as well as a Gothic Giggle. I have also sewn up a head for a full size Baby Giant that will have yarn hair. Did you hear? YARN hair! Oh the possibilities!

I currently have this sweetie listed on my website and ETSY shop....

A small update for now I must say BUT new and exciting things are planned for the Tipsy Teacup this year, oh yes they are! *huge smiles*