Sunday, December 29, 2013

Published again! Happy news sent my way!

Sweet Lizzie, over at Lollipop Creation (you can find her blog on the side tab of mine), sent me a FB message last night to let me know she saw me in the latest issue of Soft Dolls & Animals. Oh what a smile I needed since I am down sick in bed. Oh no no no, nothing serious, I just  caught a fairly nasty virus. I will kick it soon, oh yes I will.

Anyhow, you can imagine how tickled I was! Lizzie was features as well, along with another dolly friend of ours Colette. YAY!!!! We are some happy ladies!!!! 

I have revamped my old published photos so will share them in this post as well. I can tell you, my heart jumps leaps and bounds each and every time I get the honor of being published. I am truly humbled and so very grateful! 
Thank you Soft Dolls & Animals from Scott Publications! You can view their magazines here:

Oh my I do believe it's time for me to lay down again. I shall be back as soon as I am better. Really! I will! It's a promise!!!!

As always, thank you with all my heart for sharing in my smiles! 


  1. Congrats Ree! How exciting to be published...again! I have never been published, but would love clue how, or where to start that. maybe you could tell me how? Anyway, hope you feel better soon, and a huge Congratulations! xoxoxox Christel

  2. wellll we certainly missed you today..I hear you are not well…to better days REE…you are in my heart always...


Thank you so much for sharing in my smiles!