Monday, December 9, 2013

Memories of Christmas past...

Now would you just look at that? The very same manger that I grew up with, Christmas after Christmas, happily sits in my living room. I'm actually not sure exactly how old it is as I believe it was even around before my time. That would explain the crayon marks inside. It must have been done by my brothers. I was way too much of a good girl to do such a naughty thing! 
It may not seem very fancy I know, but to me, it is worth it's weight in gold, oh it so is!

Can you remember these treasures above? I believe they still make them but the new ones are much more flashy and up to date I suppose. I'll stick with the old ones just fine, thank you! 
Can you see the name on the star? Well yes! It's reads Jack! My Daddy will forever and always be with us in spirit, that I know!
 I cannot recall when these were purchased, but I cannot remember a Christmas, as a child, without them. As always, my MeeMee's ( my nick name for my Mom) hangs right next to his. It reads Fran but the flash blurred it out. Oh I cherish these two ornaments so very much!

Oh happy smiles! I now I get to introduce you to Barrr! No, no, no, NOT bear! Barrr was not a typo, really, it wasn't! Barrr has been a very happy part of our family for years now. He used to sit and greet visitors on my parents front porch but now he is cozy inside next to our tree. Yes we love this Barrr of ours! 

What special decorations do you cherish???

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  1. I place an angel on my tree every year for our son Howard lee who passed away at only 8 in 1993. These ornaments, along with ornaments my children made in school are my favorites!


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