Monday, December 9, 2013

What a wonderful feeling.... be able to connect again with an old friend! 

You know what I am talking about? I bet you do!

The kind of friend that no matter how much time goes by you feel like you just talked to them yesterday? 

Ahhh I can see the look in your eyes, you know JUST what I am talking about!

Well, let me tell you about my friend! 

Her name is Madame Samm! It is! Isn't that just a spectacular name? I love it. She ventured into my life years ago, I cannot recall the exact year, but I have to say I was so happy she did! 

Why am I telling you about Madame Samm? Tsk, patience my friends and you will see! 

Now, she started out with creating the cutest rag dollies! I wish I still had a picture to show you but I am afraid I lost them on my old computer. Don't fret though, I have a link to share! 

Okay so it's no longer a dolly link as Samm ventured into her true love and is now one of the leading ladies of the quilting world. When I say leading ladies I mean it! She is HUGE now, and her following is HUGE! If you knew Samm you would not be surprised one bit. This is what she does best! 

So alas here is her link if  you would like to check my amazing friend out! I do this, not to promote her, as she has more of a following then I will ever have in a complete lifetime, simply to just share an amazing lady with crazy talent and kindness. Her blog rocks pretty hard as well LOL.

Oh and I almost forgot! She wrote a book as well! Oh what can Samm NOT do? Nothing, there is nothing she cannot do! If you are interested in a healthy eating lifestyle this is a MUST read! 
If you would like to purchase a copy you can write to Samm at

As always, thank you for sharing in my smiles!!!


  1. Oh Ree, I agree with you totally, and completely! Samm is an amazing lady, she seemingly, can do it all, and not just do it, but do everything wonderfully! I too love this lady, she designed my blog for me, among many other wonderful things. I won a GREAT sewing machine through her blog last year!! She has such a flare, and class with everything she does. I wish she were my neighbor! (I'd probably drive her insane though..tehee!) So sweet of you to honor her in this way, I'm sure she will appreciate it! xoxo Christel

    1. Ohhhh you too are such a sweet blessing you make my heart smile

  2. Christel I remember when she did your blog!!!! A beautiful blog for beautiful creations! Oh HUGE congrats on the sewing machine! I would have passed out cold lol. Samm is indeed one in a million! I have so missed her and you all! I have a large following on Facebook and many sales there but its just not the same yanno? Much love!

  3. You are an absolute delight....thank you for the m any blessings you sprinkle into my life...


Thank you so much for sharing in my smiles!