Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It's a Love Thing!!!

Really it is! A  true love from the bottom, top, and all sides of my heart even! What can I say? I love what I do! I bet you got the idea already huh?

Okay, okay, so onto my "tinkerings" for the day. What are tinkerings? Well, when I was young and playing with my dollies, or doing something crafty, my mom called it tinkering. So I am happy to say the tradition lives on! 

Oh yes, okay, back to point! Today will be spent all day sewing, stuffing, sculpting, and smiling! What a day! Can we say pure smiles?

I plan on working on two of my merbaby soft sculptures from my Sea Witch Babies line. Along with that a Baby Giant, as well as a Mistickle. No pictures for now but they are coming. 

I can share a couple pictures of a tail I have sewn up out of the most gorgeous fabric! 

What do you think Isn't it just the yummiest??? I cannot wait to get her finished!!!

As always thank you for sharing in my smiles!!!

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Thank you so much for sharing in my smiles!