Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oh I am truly shameful....

*Loud long sigh* ...I truly am!
There just is no excuse for the neglect I have offered my Blog over the last year or so. Oh poor, sad, alone, little blog, I am so sorry.
What? Oh yes, I can see why you might be confused! I did indeed have a different blog a few moons back. It even had a large group of followers. It did!
Why did I get rid of it then? Well,  I am sad to say the Facebook bug bit me quite hard a while back and I thought I would just post there since I heard it was the new social and business big "to do".
Oh yes, I do agree! It was a huge mistake. Not that I do not enjoy Facebook, because I really do, but I should have never abandoned my earlier blog. Shhhhh, we must keep our voices down though, I do not want my sweet new blog to have hurt feelings. LOL
I am tickled pink to be back in the blog world and so look forward to connecting back with all the wonderful artist and followers here.
Now onto what I have been up to! I have made several creations which I plan to catch up on here with, have had my work published numerous times, a huge YAY for that, and placed in a couple doll contest. the last one being the 2013 Doll Net Baby Doll Challenge. Thank you Doll Net! I've been a busy bee haven't I?
To kick off the fun with this long over do post, I am tickled to post my latest Baby Giant, remember those?
As always a big thank you to any and all that take the time to share in my joys here. I am really excited about catching up with everyone here, as well as adding you all back to my blog along with making new friends!!!

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  1. So now that you have apologized to your new blog and your blog has accepted ya'll can join forces ... Now, it's time to bloom like a flower and share the love with all of your followers, new and old!!! SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!!


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