Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lets make ringlets!!!

Lets make thick ringlets!
If you would like to make thick ringlets
like the ones I have made in the pictures above
this is how I did it, and you can do it too!
What you will need:
*Hairpin lace loom
*2 skiens of yarn, I think Red Heart works great for this but I also really like the soft feel of I Love This Yarn. I always experiment with different yarns.
*A sewing machine that you are okay sewing yarn on and it has to be one in which you can lower the feed dog (is that what it's called?) and take off the pressure foot.
*HEAVY weight needle for the machine. You will be sewing a somewhat thick amount of yarn and believe you me, it will snag and break that needle.
*Dual Duty Coats and Clark HEAVY thread in a color that matches close to the yarn you are using. I am going to use a contrasting thread so that you can see where I have sewn.
This is what you do...
First adjust your hairpin lace loom to the width you would like your ringlet to be.
Next start wrapping two strings of yarn around the loom. You want this thick so make sure to push down as you go. By the time you get to the other end, or the length you would like your ringlet to be, you want to have as much yarn on the loom as possible without overlapping.
Once you are done wrapping clip your yarn and take your loom to the sewing machine. Make sure your pressure foot raised and taken off, also make sure the feed dog (is that what it's called?) is lowered. Now sew down the middle going very slowly and making sure not to snag your needle. I have my stitch length set at 0. Once you get to the other end, turn and then sew back up. Once you are done clip the ends and tie them off.
Now it's time to take the yarn off the loom so take off one end of the loom and slide the ringlet off. It should start to twist on it's own if everything went as planned. All you have to do now it help it along a bit and twist it as much as you would like. You can leave them more spiral or twist them up good, it's all up to you!!!
Happy Ringlet making!!!

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